Do you have to carry an umbrella with you? will definitely provide an answer. At the moment, the site is under construction. Professional developers carefully think over all the subtleties of the interface. Very soon, you will know for sure whether to wear a warm sweater in the morning and whether to take an umbrella when going to work.

The resource provides an exhaustive review of Australia weather. The main page displays a weather forecast for the capital, Canberra. But you can select any region, town, or city from the list. Just enter the necessary name in the search box.


You can view a forecast for 7 days, 10 days, the weather today, or the weather tomorrow. The closer the date, the more accurate the forecast. The weather for each current day is shown most precisely. You can always see actual data for the moment. Indicators are constantly changing depending on the movement of clouds, wind, cyclones, etc.


The website displays certain parameters, such as:

Also, you may see the exact sunrise and sunset times.

All the indicators show the weather throughout the day while being divided into the night, morning, day, and evening hours. This means that you can view an accurate weather forecast at the exact hour or part of the day.

Temperature Records

There is a daily forecast evolution diagram on the site page where you can see all the meteorological changes. The lowest and the highest temperatures of the day are presented on the graph by blue and red lines accordingly. For example, in Canberra, the maximum temperature of 28.1℃ is recorded in January, and the minimum of - 0.1℃ — in July.

Convenient Design will have a responsive layout feature. This means that the website will be convenient to use on all types of devices. You just have to enter the resource via your browser, and a necessary version will open automatically. It does not matter if you have a laptop, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android, or Blackberry device. You can open the site from your mobile and see the current weather on the go.

The site’s interface is simple and intuitive. You can see a current meteorological environment for Canberra on the home page. Below, there is a daily forecast of the running week. Additional info provides exact sunrise and sunset times along with the time zone with coordinates of the place you see. The site skillfully presents the information that the user needs without overloading them with unnecessary details.

The website design is simple and concise, styled in cold natural colors. Color schemes and pictograms will help a user know the weather on the go, even if he/she does not have enough time to view the site in detail. The user is not distracted by unnecessary information but sees only the main elements.

Final Word

The main mission of the web resource is to provide a quality forecast for Australians. Its developers handpick the most trusted sources and implement the latest technologies for you to get accurate information on how the weather is going to look like on a chosen day. So, you will know for sure whether it is worth wearing a suit today.

If you have any issues, offers, or claims, reach out to the qualified specialists of See you soon.